How much do your services cost?

To see our fees click here. No two businesses are the same, however our fees are very comprehensive and designed to encompass at least your bookkeeping and management Accounting needs.  It is important to discuss the structure of your business first.

How can you guarantee my Accounts will be submitted without receiving a penalty?

As long as you provide all the relevant documentation within the agreed timeframe to produce a set of accounts, we won’t miss an accounting deadline.

General Knowledge?

Core Service industries, especially those in the Financial Sector, require experience to work properly and cannot be learnt overnight.  Many practising Bookkeeping & Accounting Firms have solid experience, but the London Financial Sector, being so large, attracts more than its fair share of inexperienced individuals.

Braant has over 30 years of combined experience gained within the industries it deals with.  It is our opinion that businesses require nothing less.

Are cheap Bookkeepers value for money?

The answer, of course, is no. Cheap bookkeepers (the £6-£10 variety) sourced from pay per hour websites or adverts, have a specific purpose, mainly basic processing, but have very little understanding of what they process.  Each invoice, for instance, creates a record that will ultimately feed into your Accounts and Year End Tax figures.  Something as simple as a mis-categorisation of a cost within your Accounts, can have a big impact on your Tax.

Stick with people who know what they’re doing, from top to bottom.  You must only employ Bookkeepers or Accountants with experience.

Expensive Accountants can also get it wrong:

One of the biggest complaints we receive are from business whose Accountants simply don’t appear to have done much for a colossal fee, or have made errors yet won’t take responsibility for them.

Braant is different,  unlike many firms of Bookkeepers or Accountants, our people have actually worked in the industries they serve, they understand the impact of their work and, more importantly, understand the expectations of Business Owners.  We actively encourage the Owners to ‘stay in the loop’ and be up to date with their Accounts.  Accounts are organic and fluid, they shift and change and bend and, sometimes, even break.  Owners need to know!

Stick with experience, stick with Braant.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.