Require a Part Time Finance Director?

If your business is growing rapidly, or struggling to reach that next step, the expertise of a Financial Director can help you gain the results you need. However, many companies and organisations don’t have the budget to commit to a full time Financial Director / CFO position.

At Braant, we know how important a good Finance Director / CTO can be to a business. That’s why we have ex-FTSE, VC, Nasdaq, PLC and Start-up experienced FD's and CFO's available to support your business – either on a project or temporary arrangement.

We offer all our Finance Directors on a flexible arrangement, from as little as one day per month with no tie-in – you simple pay the day rate for the days utilised. We pride ourselves on our carefully selected pool of exceptional Finance Directors and CFO’s working for us across the UK. Most of our FD’s and CFO’s have either worked for global brands, started their own company or are experienced investors.

Your part time Finance Director can help you investigate, strategise and implement areas of improvement. This may include looking at profitability, cash-flow, compliance, tax efficiency and planning, outsourcing opportunities, optimising funding channels, reducing financial and commercial risk, exit planning, wealth management and financial reporting.

Contact Braant to discuss your part time FD / CFO requirements - e-mail or call us.