Auto Enrolment & Re-enrolment Services

If your company has a PAYE Scheme then our experts can support your Auto Enrolment obligations.

By now, you will most likely have been informed by The Pension Regulator of your Staging Date (the date by which any applicable pension scheme should be in place). It’s now important to act and plan ahead.

If you haven't been made aware of your staging date, we can find this out for you for free. We have been advising many companies on auto enrolment and the workplace pension scheme –  answering questions, providing solutions and setting up various pension schemes for businesses.  


There are several obligatory actions regarding auto enrolment;

  • It affects all employers with staff in the UK.
  • You must enrol certain staff into a pension scheme and that includes people who only employ one person.
  • You must write to all your staff to tell them how they have been affected.
  • You must start doing this from your staging date, though there is an option to postpone automatic enrolment for up to three months, but the Government should have issued firms with plenty of notice to comply.

As an employer, there are certain duties you must comply with. The pension regulator may take enforcement action and issue a notice and / or a penalty if you do not comply.  Penalties start at £400 then can escalate at a daily rate of £50 - £10,000 depending on the number of staff.   

Pension regulators are looking to recover all penalties issued so you must be ready for your staging date.  

We can take you through all the stages of auto enrolment compliance and help you setup and start your pension scheme within the timeframe needed and make sure you have processes in place to make pension payments. We also have Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) available to discuss any specific needs you have for pension schemes. 

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