Corporation Tax Return

Are you a company looking for an accountant to prepare your Corporation Tax Return?

The Corporation Tax Return and payment is a requirement for every UK registered company set by HMRC since 1965, regardless if you make a profit or loss. The Corporation Tax Return is a detailed calculation based on the profit or loss filed in your Annual Accounts including any other applicable reliefs – this identifies the Tax payable.

Note that the deadline for PAYING your Corporation Tax is sooner than FILING your Corporation Tax Return.

Companies with profits of £1.5M or less, are obligated to pay Corporation Tax no later than nine months and one day from the anniversary date of incorporation.  The deadline for filing your Corporation Tax Return is twelve months. Obviously, it's best to file and pay at the same time before the nine month deadline.

At Braant, we start preparing Corporation Tax Returns for all our clients very soon after the anniversary date of incorporation. This allows plenty of time to review the draft Corporation Tax Return, avoid late filing penalties and can improve credit scoring. Credit score agencies rate companies favourably when Corporation Tax Returns are filed sooner rather than later, especially for new companies.

If you would like guidance on reducing your Tax liability then please contact us.  We have extensive experience with relief schemes such as R&D, SEIS, Entrepreneurs Relief, Tax Free Allowances, Gains, Brought-forward Losses, and are able to explore applicable costs that would be associated with your business.

We can work immediately as we have specialist staff working purely and solely on the preparation of Corporation Tax Returns.  

Our committed staff have enabled us to be one of only a few recommended firms in the UK, ranked Top Ten.


Our Accounting Fees

We like to be upfront and transparent with our costs:

  • We charge from only £125 to prepare and submit your Corporation Tax to HMRC.

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