Get a UK Registered Address

Are you looking for a Registered Address or Virtual Office?

The demand for UK Registered Offices in the UK is increasing. Many of those based in countries with higher tax rates have realised the potential tax savings in operating their business in the UK. Also, some people in the UK might want to start their own business without disclosing their home address.

At Braant, we offer UK Registered Addresses (also known as Registered Offices and Virtual Offices) located in London.  So, whether you want to keep the privacy of a residential address where your company is trading, or you are a non-UK resident looking to set-up a UK company, we can legitimately provide you with a UK Registered Office for your company. 

Also, if you have already formed your registered company and are looking to change your address, or would like us also to form your company with your new UK Registered Office, we can help. You don't need to be an existing customer and we won't tie you into other services like other firms do.


Included in a UK Registered Address

  • 12 months registration with a London office address
  • Handling of HMRC and Companies House post
  • The facility of mail forwarding

Our fees

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