Sectors we support

Your bookkeeper and accountant should understand your industry. Makes sense, right?

At Braant, we believe experience is paramount. We have expertise across a range of sectors and industries – including financial services, retail, manufacturing and events management –  so we can effectively support you in all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Whether you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a landlord or a recruitment agent, we can provide either an onsite or offsite accounting and bookkeeping service to support your business. We have over 1,000 clients, and 30 years of experience to make sure you have the expertise when you need it.

Sectors we specialise in:

Accountants for Advertising & Marketing

Accountants for Charities

Accountants for Construction

Accountants for Consulting

Accountants for Digital Agencies

Accountants for Events Management

Accountants for Financial Services

Accountants for Food & Drink

Accountants for GPs

Accountants for Landlords

Accountants for Lawyers

Accountants for Manufacturing

Accountants for Online Retailers

Accountants for Professional Services

Accountants for Recruitment Agencies

Accountants for Retail

Accountants for IT

Accountants for Transport

Accountants for Travel and Tourism

And for us, continuity is key. The person you talk to before sales is the same person you talk to after sales – an Accountant. We don't believe in sales people, but instead Account Managers who are qualified Accountants, available at your convenience.

We’re also proud to be an official member of the Institute of Certified Practicing Accountants, and of our transparent and flexible pricing (pay-as-you-go or monthly).

Check our experience in each sector below, or Contact us today for a free consultation: