Accountants for Consultants?

Are you a consultant looking for an accountant?

If you are working as a consultant – as an offsite freelancer, or in-house – it's likely you've been working in your specialist field for several years. You might struggle to balance projects and clients whilst running all the day-to-day matters that come with managing your own consultancy business.

The world of consultancy is always changing, but consultants remain primarily problem solvers - both for the clients they serve and within their own organisations as they adapt to emerging market demands. Increasingly, consultants are choosing whether to offer commoditised or strategic, advice-based services. There is relentless pressure to innovate and differentiate in order to stand above the competition.

Keeping up with all the administrative tasks, including running your accounts, is a time-consuming headache you could probably do without. At Braant, we can take care of all the financial administration for you, using our expertise to save you money and helping you make the right financial decisions when it comes to your consultancy.

Our Accounting Fees

We like to be upfront and transparent with our costs:

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