Accountants for Landlords, Property & Estate Agents

Are you a landlord or in the property industry looking for an accountant?

When it comes to finances, matters relating to property are among the most difficult areas of the business world, full of traps for those who are ill-prepared or receive bad advice. At Braant, we have a specialist team of accountants providing expert accounting, bookkeeping and tax advice surrounding property portfolios and investments.

Legislative changes that potentially impact letting profits, and changes in mortgage lending that introduce additional stress testing across portfolios, put property investors and landlords under significant financial pressure. Whether you’re coping with void periods or upgrading properties to comply with new energy efficiency requirements, effective property management is rife with challenges. Equally, changes in mortgage interest tax relief are leading many landlords to rethink or restructure their tax strategy.

For landlords, property agents and estate agents, the amount of money changing hands typically involves huge figures, and the penalties for making poor or uneducated decisions are potentially massive. We understand the specialist nature of this industry – coupled with years of experience in dealing with similar clients.


Our Accounting Fees

We like to be upfront and transparent with our costs:

  • One property = from £145 per year
  • Two properties = from £195 per year
  • Three properties plus = from £245 per year

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