Accounting System Setup

Are you getting your Accounting System right?

Your Accounting System is vital. It underpins both the way you process your transactions and how you manage your business. Getting an Accounting System wrong will, at best, waste a lot of time for your business, and at worst, cost you enormous amounts of money to fix.

At Braant, we can help future-proof your Accounting System effectively. We can implement a range of low end systems – such as Sage, Rebus, QuickBooks – efficiently, and at the other end, we specialise in the specification and project management of high end bespoke systems, including Sun, COA and Agresso.

Importantly, we tailor both the system and Chart of Accounts (the coding structure) to suit your individual business (many small and medium sized businesses post Fixed Assets to the office stationery account, but there are huge implications in getting your system wrong!).  

We’re here to help. Let Braant deal with your all your Accounting System needs today.

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