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Accounting & Bookkeeping - working locally, thinking nationally.

The context of your business is important.

That’s why Braant has over 20 offices across London and 10 across the UK, so we can provide effective accounting & bookkeeping services to support you when – and where – you need it most.

After you contact us (to arrange a call back or a free consultation), one of our accountants will spend an hour to understand what your business does and how we can help. Whether it’s a VAT inspection, assistance with the HMRC that you require, or simply someone to take over your books, we can provide the right bookkeeper or accountant, with the right experience and expertise for the job.

And not to brag, but we’ve won several awards – including Acquisition International’s “Bookkeeping Firm of the Year” and “Best SME Accounting & Bookkeeping Firm UK”. We’re also an official member of the Institute of Certified Practicing Accountants.

Here at Braant, we work with thousands of companies from large businesses such as BT, to small boutique firms across London and the UK. For more information about how our bookkeepers and accountants can help your business –  contact us today:

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