Capital Gains Tax Accountants

Many individuals and companies find themselves in need of capital gains tax advice. This is due to the intricate nature of capital gains tax and its far-reaching implications. Whether you’re an investor, a business owner, or involved in real estate, having a firm grasp of this tax aspect can result in substantial financial benefits and ensure compliance with tax laws.

Expert guidance is invaluable in making informed decisions about selling assets, managing investments, and devising estate plans. Our capital gains tax accountants at Braant can help you navigate the complexities of tax legislation, discover potential exemptions, and implement tax-saving strategies like tax-loss harvesting or asset gifting.

Our capital gains tax service

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can be a complex and daunting aspect of the UK tax system, whether you are an individual investor or a business owner. We understand that optimising your financial strategy while ensuring compliance with tax laws is paramount. That’s why we offer a comprehensive CGT service tailored to your specific needs.

Our expertise

Our team of seasoned tax professionals specialises in UK tax regulations, with a particular focus on Capital Gains Tax. We are here to assist you at every stage of your CGT obligations, ensuring that you pay the accurate amount and not a penny more.

Precise income and expense calculation

A pivotal aspect of our Capital Gains Tax service is our ability to compute and calculate eligible income and expenses within CGT meticulously. We painstakingly analyse your financial transactions to determine your tax liability accurately. This encompasses the identification of all allowable deductions, including transaction costs, acquisition expenses, and capital improvements.

Strategic tax planning

Beyond mere compliance, we are committed to helping you optimise your tax strategy. Collaborating closely with you, we explore legitimate avenues for reducing your tax burden, such as leveraging tax-free allowances and exemptions, understanding the nuances of Entrepreneurs Relief, and evaluating the implications of gifts and inheritances. Our objective is to minimise your CGT liability while staying firmly within the bounds of UK tax laws.

Peace of mind

By choosing our Capital Gains Tax service, you can rest assured that capable hands are managing your tax affairs. We remain up-to-date with the ever-evolving tax regulations, ensuring your continued compliance while maximising your financial benefits.

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What assets are subject to capital gains tax?

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in the United Kingdom is applicable to a broad spectrum of assets upon their sale or disposal, resulting in a profit. These assets encompass:

  • Real estate: Residential and commercial properties, as well as land. Some exemptions may apply to primary residences.
  • Shares and securities: Gains from the sale of shares in companies and other securities typically fall under CGT.
  • Business assets: Machinery, equipment, goodwill, and other business assets may trigger CGT when sold or disposed of.
  • Personal possessions: High-value personal items such as art, antiques, jewellery, and collectables are subject to CGT if they are sold for a profit.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, are considered chargeable assets, making gains from their sale liable to CGT.
  • Foreign assets: Assets held overseas come under CGT if you are a UK tax resident. Special rules and exemptions may apply based on your circumstances.
  • Investment assets: Investments in assets like bonds, unit trusts, and certain offshore funds may generate CGT when sold.
  • Business interests: The sale or disposal of shares in a trading company or partnership can lead to CGT liability.

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We have the resources, the experts, the knowledge and experience to help your business grow. And with over 1,000 accountancy clients in the UK and London, the volume of our work allows us to share economies of scale with you.