R&D Tax Specialists

In the UK, businesses that invest in research and development that seeks to advance knowledge or capability in the fields of science or technology can apply for R&D tax relief.

However, many organisations, especially small and medium size businesses are missing out on this relief which is often a cash payment. Some are unaware that they are eligible, others are unsure about how to apply for it.

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R&D Tax Relief

As R&D tax specialists, we’ll let you know if you should be applying for R&D tax relief and if you are, we’ll support you all the way.

We’ll collect all the relevant financial data around your research and development. Costs that you can reclaim via the scheme include staff salaries and subcontractor costs, which can easily run into six-figure sums and beyond.

We’ll then review and assess your R&D projects to help you make your case and maximise any claim.

Finally, we’ll submit your claim to HMRC and liaise with them on your behalf.

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