Payroll Services - require a solution?

Our experts can offer you a comprehensive payroll processing service from £50.

Whether you’re a small organisation, with only a couple of employees, or a large multi-national company – making sure your payroll runs smoothly is paramount. At Braant, we offer a comprehensive payroll processing service from £50 per month for up to 10 payslips, covering all filings and RTI (Real Time Information).  We can look after your payroll requirement either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually – whatever suits your needs best.

But what do we mean by Payroll Services? Payroll ranges from something as simple as processing regular payslips, to dealing with sick pay, maternity pay and all the year-end statutory reporting requirements. Payroll is also full of legal requirements, tax rate and code changes and can be quite burdensome in terms of the software used to run it.

Payroll affects both owners and employees, but for an employee, it is the single most critical function in Finance. 

Fortunately, you can remove the burden of doing your Payroll by yourself by using our comprehensive outsourced service

Our Payroll Services:

  • We will process your payroll regularly
  • Produce and print payslips
  • Process all adjustments
  • Take instruction from you, the Client, and process them through payroll
  • Manage the Software
  • Ensure software is up to date with current legislation
  • Calculate SMP,SSP, Tax Credits, Student Loans, Benefits (e.g. Cars), Tax changes, P45, P46, P35, P11d, all other payroll calculations
  • Process Payroll through your Accounts and track payments to employees
  • Complete online filing 
  • Implement RTI

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